March 2016

I have been working towards another "Project 366" album in 2016. The photos can be found in the Photo-a-day 2016 album both in New Additions, as well as under the Daily Life folder, where you will find my albums from 2012 and 2015 as well.

I also took a few trips this month and will be putting those folders up as well. You will initially find them in New Additions: Trips.  

New Additions: Individual galleries

New Additions: Recent Trips


Dragonfly Nature Photography

I am an ecologist by trade, an avid cyclist, and a photographer in my spare time. My work and my cycling take me outdoors on a daily basis, and I never leave the house without a camera in my pocket. My photography addiction started in 2006 when I got my digital SLR. Now 9 years later, I have taken well over 100,000 photos, thrown most of them away, and used the remaining ones to make blank note-cards for personal use, to give as gifts, and sell to the public.

My photography tends to the wildlife and nature side of the spectrum, but I have been known to try my lens on landscapes, cityscapes, macros, and buildings. The only subjects I tend to steer clear of when taking photos, are people.

My cycling has taken many forms from utility riding to run errands such as getting the weekly groceries, to year round commuting, to racing as a USAC category 2 rider on the road. The bike as a mode of transportation puts me closer to the world around me. That closer contact has, in turn, allowed me to capture scenes with the camera that I otherwise might not have noticed.

My work as an ecologist has involved the study of plant insect interactions and invasive species ecology in wetlands, rangelands, and now two deserts in the south western US. The camera gear is the first piece of equipment packed when I prepare to head into the field for work. Happily my supervisors have tolerated my photography habit - even when I've needed to get my fix in the middle of the work day.

-- Marjolein Schat